Supporting small brains.

Creating big futures.

It’s Never Too Early to Start Learning

Children are our future and it's up to us as educators to instill the confidence they need to not only succeed but excel. Smarty Pants aims to close the gap between students and educators by cultivating comfort and love for learning. We do this by stimulating their curiosity and determination for education.  At SMARTY Pants we curate students that meet and exceed the Illinois proficiency expectations.

We explore the world of reactions with safe, easy to do experiments! Building the next generation of critical thinkers!

Learn how technology can be used to further our learning! Building the next generation of systems thinkers!

We learn how shapes fit together to create structures! Building the next generation of structural thinkers!

Where our creative minds get to explore colors and shapes! Building the next generation of creative thinkers!

Expanding our numerical minds with lessons in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division! Building the next generation of logical thinkers!

We keep our minds and bodies balanced and sharp! Building the next generation of Peacemakers!

Everyday is a day filled with

learning, fun, & development

We strive daily to create experiences that support positive development and learning of the children and families we serve. Everyday is a day to get "Smarty".