10 Reasons Why?


You will have peace of mind to carry out your work activities, while confidently knowing that your kids are getting the best education possible

Our "Smarty's" are reading, adding and subtracting by the tender age of 3



We have "Aunt Luci" who is our resident grandma here. All the kids and parents love her! She cooks some delicious meals and treats for the "Smarty's"

Our unique setting has earned us a reputation amongst parents who testify to the positive impact that our programs have had on their children.



We have integrated a unique learning structure into our curriculum where mathematical skills are introduced through various games and applied to real-life situations.

Our "Smarty's" receive a high-quality learning experience in an environment that is clean, safe and secure.



Our programs are tailored to prepare children for all aspects of life. We strive to help them develop the right values that will be beneficial to them in the future.

Our programs are designed to expose your children to a language rich setting. Your child’s vocabulary will grow  as they partake in our enriching activities that challenge their minds and arouse questioning.



We have an Illinois State certified Kindergarten program. This is a great solution for parents with kids who have birthdays too late to start kindergarten with CPS.

We have a very well trained and qualified staff. Our student to teacher ratio is extremely low. This is how we get the excellent results from our program!