Baby Geniuses

  • Formal introduction to the alphabet and vocabulary development

  • Letter recognition and letter sounds, number recognition, shape and color identification

  • Nurturing the four domains of development: physical, language, socio-emotional and cognitive

  • Comfortable & stimulating learning environment

  • Music, movement, and fun

  • Creative arts

  • Engaging read-alouds


    * Currently only enrolling 12 month and up

Talented Twos

  • Phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, and vocabulary

  • Math concepts including classification, patterns, numeration, and one-to-one correspondence

  • Writing and fine motor skills

  • Sharing and caring

  • Interactive play

Up to Speed Threes

  • Mathematical operations and introduction to algebraic thinking

  • Measurement, geometry, and spatial awareness

  • Data collection and analysis

  • Introduction to scientific methods that provide opportunities for young children to ask questions, compare, and observe

  • Literacy skills such as segmenting sounds, word recognition, spelling and writing

  • Learning how to read for understanding

 Fabulous Fours

  • Reading comprehension, sequencing events and summarizing stories

  • Critical thinking skills

  • Introduction of sentence structure with punctuation and capitalization

  • Introduction to life, earth and physical sciences

  • Introduction to history, geography, economics, and culture

  • Math concepts including time and money sense, place value and properties of operations

  • Handwriting

Wise Fives

  • Grammar and writing structure

  • Reading skills such as making inferences, drawing conclusions and identifying the main idea of a story

  • Math concepts including place value, regrouping, measurement, word problems, fractions, data collection and graphing

  • Learning about culture, geography, history and economics

  • Learning about life, earth, and physical sciences

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