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Daphne Williams is the CEO and Director of Smarty Pants. She started teaching right after graduating from college. At 22, she found herself in front of a class of 26 third graders. Over ½ of her students could not make it through a first grade sight word list. Her heart was breaking daily. She vowed to find a way to reach these kids before failure ever becomes an option. After 3 frustrating  years in third grade, she requested a younger grade level. Daphne was committed to preparing her students “EARLY” for the challenges that they may face in elementary school. The day before school started, she was moved to kindergarten and was elated! This is where she developed her signature system that consistently has students performing at least 2 grade levels ahead year after year. When students leave Smarty Pants, they are ready to be successful at any school, with any teacher.


This is the foundation that Smarty Pants was built on. Here at Smarty Pants, we expose children to important educational practices in the crucial early years of life. We provide and create an environment that fosters a love of learning, creates confidence and prepares children for success in future schooling.




You will have peace of mind to carry out your work activities confidently knowing that your kids are getting the best education possible.





Our Kids are reading, adding and subtracting by the tender age of 3






We "Aunt Luci" who is our resident grandma here. All the kids and parents love her and she cooks some delicious meals




Our unique setting has earned us a reputation amongst parents who testify to the positive impact that our programs have had on their children.




We have integrated a unique learning structure into our curriculum where mathematical skills are introduced through various games and applied to real life situations.




We provide a high-quality learning experience for children in an environment that is clean, safe and secure.


Our programs are tailored to prepare children for all aspects of life. We strive to help them develop the right values that would be beneficial to them in the future.



Our programs are designed to expose your children to a language rich setting. Your child’s vocabulary will grow  as they partake in our enriching activities that challenge their minds and arouse questioning.



We have a Illinois State certified Kindergarten program. This is a great solution for parents with kids who have birthdays too late to start kindergarten with CPS.



We have a very well trained and qualified staff. Our student to teacher ratio is extremely low. This is how we get the excellent results from our program.




Michaela Mark

My daughter Zuri had never been under anyone else's care other than mine and her father since she was born. Smarty Pants Early Learning Center is the perfect fit for our family. With the great teachers and staff, our daughter was able to make a very smooth transition and we've noticed so much growth in her since starting. I would never want to send my child anywhere else. I have recommended it to several friends and will continue to do so. Thanks Smarty Pants!!!!


Dawn Cole

We could not have found a better place for our little Hannah to grow and develop.  She has a big personality and the staff at Smarty Pants continues to nurture her individuality, while providing quality care and a solid academic foundation.  At Smarty Pants, Hannah is being nurtured as a confident learner and she is provided the opportunity to meet friends and socialize, which has enhanced our network of playmates.  We love our Smarty Pants family and trust them fully with our only child!

Heather Polk

As parents, we believe we are our child's first teacher.  Selecting Smarty Pants Early Learning Center was an easy choice for us.  Ms. Daphne has developed a curriculum based early learning center that makes the process of learning fun, interactive and stimulating for children.  The outcomes speak for themselves, our son has exceeded our expectations at every stage in his development.  All of the staff are highly competent and very caring.  We are thankful that we are able to actively participate in our child's academic development and provided guidance on how to effectively compliment what is taking place in the classroom.  We know Smarty Pants is making a difference because our son is excited for school every day!


Michelle & Kevin Jefferson

Our family has been a part of the Smarty Pants family since 2013 when our daughter began attending at the age of 1. Now that she is on her way to kindergarten, we have enrolled our new infant as well because we could not imagine putting our most precious assets in anyone else's care.  Ms. Williams and her staff are professional yet warm and loving to our children. We continue to be impressed with the focus on the whole development of the children – from academics to arts to social and physical skills.  The academic based learning program had pipelined children to the city's top public and private schools. Although this reputation is what initially attracted us to Smarty Pants, our decision was quickly solidified as we watched our daughter learn and grow in other ways as well. She was happy each day to get to Smarty Pants and sad to leave.  We are so lucky to have found this amazing program and highly recommend it to other families looking for top level care.

Ashley A. Egwele & Aaron Robert Ireland

Smarty Pants has afforded our child the space and attention to develop the life skills required to be academically successful and therefore globally competitive. As an educator, I know the difference between “gifted” or not "gifted" and Smarty Pants is that difference.


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